Refund Policy


We value your time and money, thus, in case of any return or refund of your money, you shall be informed through our company’s refund policy about the following information:

  • Returning service
  • Receiving refund
  • Refund offers

Important return and refund policy of the company

  • Refund and return period
  • Type of refund

At Jet Web Solutions we cultivate and adopt diverse cancellation policies for our products and services. Kindly refer to our service agreement for more details.

All requests related to the cancellation of service must be sent via mail to the sales and finance department of Jet Web Solutions. Our email id is - You can also send us the mail in the form of a letter at our office address that is available on our website. On receiving your request our customer service department will contact you regarding your issues, our cancellation policies and the entire process. Please note that your cancellation will either be on hold or shall be considered invalid in case of a wrong cancellation code, or no cancellation code at all.

Reasons for a refund:

  • Payment in instalments: The customer has the option of paying the money in instalments, and in case they change their mind about postponing the project or cancelling it, they can get a refund (considering the deduction due to taxes and account costs) within 90 business days as per the mutual discussion that shall be held regarding this matter.
  • Paid extra by mistake: In case of the extra payment due to problems with the payment gateway or technical glitch, our company provides a complete refund (considering the deduction due to taxes and account costs) of the extra amount that was received by mistake due to server issues or technical glitches of payment gateways.
  • Did not like the work: We strive to understand the project first and then start work. We also communicate well throughout the project and thus, after completion we do not provide refunds for such reasons.
  • Refund policy after web hosting: We are sorry to say that our company does not entertain any such demands. In case the website gets hosted, there shall be no option for a refund.
  • Delayed work: The time period, deliverables and punctuality shall be checked on both ends and then steps shall be taken. Our company offers the policy of mutual discussion in such cases and further steps regarding the project completion or refund policies are discussed henceforth. 
  • Work rejection: We are willing to work until your satisfaction but once you accept the work, you cannot reject it and ask for refunds.
  • Technical glitches: No refunds are available for such cases since they are beyond our area of influence.